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Our Services.

We are a full service grinding facility specializing in redemption and post industrial PET bottles.  We offer sortation and metal separation.  An on-site lab provides our customers with reliable quality control and everything is inspected as it is shipped to ensure a professional looking product. 


We pride ourselves on being a company that you can count on!

Our Quality.
  • Individualized Service

  • On-Site Quality Control

  • Offers Purchasing, Selling and Toll Grinding of PET.

  • Metal Separation

  • Sortation

  • Close Proximity to Ports

Our Difference.

We're committed to excellence and customer service.  We strive to provide a quality PET plastics grinding service for the southeast.  Located approximately 200 miles from 2 of the biggest ports in the region. 


Come save on freight and give us a try! 


Leader for PET grinding in the Southeast

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